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Westlaw Protips

  • Did you know that students can call 1-800-WESTLAW  (24/7) and speak with a Reference Attorney who will answer all research questions! They can even help create a "research trail" if needed. 

  • This number will also give you the option to speak with Technical Support if you are having access issues.

  • If you still need a Westlaw student account contact Kristy Ploeger at

Lady Justice Feature

The scales of justice are held by Lady Justice, also known as Justitia, whose history can be traced back to Greek mythology (Knox, 2014). The scales, held in Lady Justice's left hand, represent the measure of a case's support and opposition (Wikipedia, 2017). The phrase "The scales are tipped in your favor," refers to the scales of justice. Along with the scales of justice, Justitia holds the double edge sword of truth in her right hand. Lady Justice's blindfold symbolizes the ideal of an "'honest” justice that does not consider any individual based on his or her social class related to wealth, fame, health, etc." (Knox, 2014, para. 10). Lady Justice, and her scales, are common images found in many U.S. courtrooms and often used to symbolize the law and legal professions.



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