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Celebrating Career College Day with Director Stacy Severson 

I’ve been with the school since March 27, 2007 and have seen the many stages of development of our programs as well as the library. When the school was located on Washington Avenue, the library was tucked away in a building separate from a lot of studios and classrooms. The collection was small, but provided a solid foundation for the students in our two programs, Audio Engineering & Production and Music & Entertainment Business; and I used WordPress outside of the school’s website to host our online catalog. The school has developed new programs and the library has followed suit by acquiring books in Digital Video & Film, Live Sound Show & Production and Graphic Art. My goal has remained the same: to encourage students to step outside of their program as well as their comfort zone to reach out and experience new music, art, and films so they can learn and grow and create their own change.

Hanging with the Cool Kids - IPR students take advantage of the library's comprehensive music collection.


Check it Out! Celebrating National Library Week with the Studio Crew.

I feel pretty lucky, for a couple of reasons, to work with smart and wicked-talented instructors. First, not many teachers would allow me to barge into their classroom or studio with books and coffee to market my wares.   I also feel lucky have met some pretty cool artists that faculty have brought to IPR! Peter Ascher presented his life’s work through video, slides and songs. And when I was shaking his hand all I could think of was how he shared a room with Paul McCartney back when they were lads! Meeting Peter Swedien was a thrill, too. I mean, the guy produced hits with Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones!  Prof. Griff’s presentation IPR was more political and an amalgamation of wit and frustration, skills and applications. Stay true and read. Fight the power and show’em whatcha got. Like, how Al Kooper showed Dylan what he had on that fateful days when he stepped behind the keyboards during the recording session for Positively 4th St. Later, I got to ask him if he knew Lester Bangs, nd when Coolio came to speak, I got to offer him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It’s been quite a ride here at my little school. 

What a Thriller! Book signing with Bruce Swedien.


Professor Griff teaching me!

Book recommendations: Start with The Beatles Anthology. It has a little something for students interested in any of our programs, not just AE/AP. What makes this title a good intro to the IPR Library for new students is that it’s coffee table format and layout; you can open it to any page and get a feel for what the boys were working on either with Sir George in Abbey Road, or Hells Angels at Apple. There are quotes from various sources,  complete with quotes (cited) from John, Paul, George & Ringo.

Just Kids, by Patti Smith, is about the god-mother of punk’s first days in gritty, ‘70s New York. Without modern distractions, the reader watches the careers of two future artists, one, Mapplethorpe, the photographer and Smith, the poet turned musician, unfold as they live each moment for their art. No one lives like this anymore and it makes me sad. Her writing is an inspiration to put down my phone, turn of my Netflix and look at everything again and for the first time. EVERYTHING. 

Chronicles, by Bob Dylan. Another mid-westerner heads to New York, but this time it’s during the late ‘50s and early ‘60s with beat poets, folk singers and cafes. We all know Bob can write a song, and I was curious to see if his literary narrative was just as beautiful. “Silly, Tina! Never question The Dylan!” (but I will judge that really weird Christmas album he put out). Amble about New York with Bob, then check out any literary reference he makes because, I was so taken with his story that I bought all the titles he mentions for our collection. You’ll see his name above the call number on the spines of books. 

Goofy stuff students may want to know: I was in a new wave/punk rock poser band in high school and college. Thank god the internet was not around. I toured with a Canadian band called Furnace Face in 1989 or 1990 for the month of June. We started in Thunder Bay, Ontario and drove a ’77 Ford Econoline all the way to Vancouver. It was a lot of beer and a lot of stink, but it was excellent. Oddly enough, one week after the tour ended, I was on a bus to Kentucky with a gaggle of Christians to fix up people’s homes in poverty-stricken hollers. That was one bizarro summer.

What else? I have a big mouth, probably because I am the second youngest of seven kids and was encouraged by Sr. Kristine in the sixth grade to speak up (y’all can blame her). I have a 9-year old black lab named Johnny (after Johnny Cash), a 16 year old cat named Hedwig (after Hedwig & the Angry Inch). 

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