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Faculty: The Guide

This guide contains an overview of Library resources that will aid in research about teaching and learning.

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How to Set Up SafeAssign™

Use the following document to set up plagiarism checking for assignment submissions:

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What Librarians can do for Faculty

 World map of 24 hour relative average utilization of IPv4 addressesThis is the favorite duty of most of our librarians…hey, most nerds like to show off their area of expertise! We are excited to interact with students and can teach them about how to survive in the Information Age. Our students need the skills to navigate our local resources and those available to them on the open web. They also need to know issues surrounding information, including how it is produced and how to determine the credibility of an information source. The world of information is daily growing in complexity and library instruction will help our students to understand this world; to locate, assess, and properly use information. Use the “Library Instruction Request Form” below (the blue one) to initiate contact with your librarian.

Image by Author of Carna Botnet "Internet Census 2012", PGP public key [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Do you need to regularly update your course readings, or do you simply want a resource guide specific to your course or section? Contact your librarian to build something for you! Our LibGuides software is incredibly easy to use and we can whip up a guide for you in no time. Check out the examples below. Click on the “Mobile Operating Systems” image below to link to the actual guide. Pretty cool, huh?
Vet tech resource boxIT165 page
Your librarian can help to increase the rigor of your assignments by assisting you in adding a research requirement. Many of our librarians have teaching experience and are happy to lend our expertise to integrate information literacy concepts into the content of your course. Don’t be shy! We would love to work with you. I’m not kidding…
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Told you so!
If you’re flipping your classroom, you can twist the arm of simply ask your librarian to create a video lecture for your class, so that in-class time can be spent on applying information literacy concepts. See how to link these in CampusConnect using the steps at the bottom of the page. Outside of videos, the Online Librarians consistently plan tech projects that all faculty are encouraged to use. Below are a few examples: The Avoiding Plagiarism Game, Robocite (APA), and the Start Research Here guide.
avoiding plagiarismrobociteexpert researcher
headscratcherSo, you may have used your library a lot in the past, but what about this library? We get it. Not all libraries are the same and this one…or all of them, may be confusing to you. Hey, they confuse us sometimes. But, we’re here to help. Can’t find an article? Looking for something to supplement your course? Or, just don’t get how Smarthinking works? Ask us! If we don’t know off the top of our heads we’ll huddle up and use our collective knowledge to figure it out. It’s what we’re good at.

Library Instruction Request Form

Library Purchase Request Form

A la carte Library Instruction in your CampusConnect Course

Want to add library resources to your CampusConnect course? The following video will explain how.