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eBooks: The Guide

Learn how to find and use eBooks at LibraryConnect and beyond!

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VitalSource™ eTextbooks

Having trouble with your VitalSource eBooks, app, or account? 

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View eBooks Online

Does your computer, mobile device, or eReader have an internet connection? If so, you can view our eBooks right from your web browser!

Often you can choose between a full-text HTML view or a full-text PDF view. 

eBook Platforms

You can also browse for eBooks directly in various library databases:

eBook Platform Features

eBook Platform Downloadable Searchable Citations Printing Other?
ABC – CLIO no yes Yes; with errors each chapter
CREDO Reference no yes Yes; at bottom save as PDF first; print each chapter
EBL yes yes Yes; with errors up to 80 pages Must re-establish credentials. Log in with same info as CampusConnect
Ebrary yes yes No; use “cite” in catalog up to 40 pages Must open free account to save, bookmark, or download
EBSCO eBooks usually yes Yes up to 60 pages Must open free account to save, bookmark, or download
Gale Virtual Reference Library yes yes Yes each chapter
Sage Reference each chapter yes Yes; with errors each chapter
Science Direct PDFs by chapter not easily No; use “cite” in catalog each chapter Open PDFs in iBooks to read on iPad.

Ebook Myths

All ebooks can be downloaded

Publishers may place restrictions on ebooks which prevent them from being downloaded.  Sometimes they allow the whole book to be downloaded and other times you are limited to a certain number of pages.   

You need an e-reader to view ebooks

Ebooks can be viewed on iPads, smartphones, computers, tablets, or other devices which have the appropriate software.

All ebooks can be printed

Publishers can limit the number of pages printed from an ebook.

Example: Most ebooks in Ebrary allow a maximum of 60 pages printed per day.  Some publishers though, have set a more restrictive printing limit for their books in Ebrary.

Free Websites

You can also find free eBooks at the following sites: